Repair service

Repair service


Guaranteed repairs: I offer a one (1) year guarantee for all my textile products. A guaranteed repair covers seams, buttons and other accessories to name a few. Shortening or lengthening bow tie straps is also covered in the guarantee. When your product is in need of a guaranteed repairs, please be in touch first and we’ll take it from there!

Please note that the guarantee applies for damages that have occurred in normal use, and when the product has been washed as indicated on the product tag. If the product has been washed in another way, the guarantee does not apply.

General repairs: For products purchased over 1 year ago and for other products that do not for guaranteed repairs, I offer a general repair service. Please be in touch and describe the product and the needed repairs, and I’ll get back to you with a quote!

Postage: when it comes to guaranteed repairs, postage costs are included in the service. When it comes to general repairs, the customer is responsible for all postage costs.

Other products (general repairs)

I also offer repair services to other products than my own (rugs, curtains etc.). You can ask about repairing clothing as well, but if the requested repairs are too demanding for me I’ll suggest you contact a seamstress instead.

Please be in touch and describe your product and what kinds of repairs it needs, so I’ll be able to give you a quote! Please note that the customer is responsible for all postage costs.

Please fill out this form to request repairs!