Corporate clients

Corporate clients

Would you like to give your employees customised gifts?

Are you looking for locally made brand products?

Do you value local production, flexible minimum orders and smooth communication?

And most importantly, would you like to acquire products, packaging and greeting cards all from the same address, without hassle?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, my product range for corporate clients might be just what you’re looking for! In addition to my ready-made product range (click here see the web shop), I also create made-to-order products for corporate clients. The products come packaged—customised with your logo if you wish— and you can also purchase greeting cards to go with the gift.

All from the same address, without hassle and customised to your needs!

The ELISA PENTTILÄ -product range is:

Locally produced

I make my handmade textiles in my studio in Helsinki. All the printed products are also printed in Helsinki.


Small batch production is flexible from the point of view of the customer, but also ecological as you can order the exact amount you need.


My products are customisable with your business’ brand colours, and your logo can be added the printed products.


A simple “one-stop” service is at the heart of my business. You’ll be able to order different products from one address, saving time and hassle.


Get to know the products below and be in touch! Let’s create a product combo that’s just right for your needs.

Product range for corporate clients

Bow ties

My designer bow ties are made in small batches, and their colours can be customised to match your company’s brand identity. They’re great as brand products, but also as gifts. The bow ties come in a packaging designed just for them, and the packaging can be customised with your logo.


My throw blankets are be made in small batches and they can be customised to match your company’s brand colours! Use them as gifts for your employees or as brand products, you decide. The throws come wrapped and the packaging can be branded with your logo. Add a greeting card to the whole and create a memorable gift!

Greeting cards

Greeting cards make great companions for business gifts or you can use them on their own! These cards are printed in Helsinki and you can get them either two-sided or folded. You can choose to print a greeting on the reverse/inside, or leave it blank—whichever option is more convenient for you!

Gift cards

Gift cards make great gifts for your employees. You can purchase a gift card for a standard product (to be used in the web shop), or you can choose a gift card for a customisable product to be created in collaboration with the recipient: this could be a customised bow tie, a throw blanket in their favourite colour or something completely unique! For a finishing touch, add a greeting card and you’re good to go.


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