Brides & grooms

Brides & grooms

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

On this page you’ll find accessories especially suited for your wedding day. Whether you’re thinking of a customised bow tie or a hair accessory, for me it’s an honour to be part of your wedding day and to create something unique for your big day!

I make both the bow ties and the hair accessories at my studio in Helsinki. I design the bow tie fabrics and weave them on a floor loom, and I buy the hair accessory fabrics from a local textile company that imports nettle yarns and has them woven into fabric in a Finnish micro-mill. Both products are made in Finland and they’re made responsibly. They’re truly kind of sustainable luxury!

I’ll be glad to tell you more about the products and the customisation process, so read more below and please be in touch! Contacting me doesn’t create a contract yet, so if you have any questions, just ask!

Bow ties

Both the bow ties available in the webshop and customised bow ties are a great accessory for a wedding! The bow tie fabrics are woven by myself in my studio in Helsinki, where I also made the bow ties. The bow tie fabrics are woven with cotton, linen, wool and/or silk depending on the fabric. The bow ties come in three sizes from a wider and rounder look to a sleek, batwing-type bow tie, so there’s surely one for everyone!

Customised bow ties: when you purchase a customised bow tie, I will contact you and you’ll get to choose the bow tie’s colours, size, fabric pattern and materials. And I can of course make a matching bow tie for your best man or your father too, for example.

A customised bow tie can also me made for your own fabric if you have a special fabric you’d like to use. The length and width of the fabric that is needed depends on the bow tie’s size and shape, so please be in touch and we’ll make your custom bow tie come to life!

Bow tie reviews:

A perfect accessory for a wedding. A high level of craftsmanship is visible in the quality of the fabric and the product – this is an accessory that I’ll surely enjoy for a long time to come! This bow tie is a good fit for both formal and informal occasions.

— Juuso, Twinkle bow tie

The product was beautifully packaged (as per my special request) and it corresponded perfectly to the product image. Great quality, a very good looking product. Gorgeous!

— Julia, Midnight blue -bow tie

Hair accessories

In my web store you’ll find hair accessories, made with a nettle and organic cotton fabric (30 % nettle, 70 % organic cotton) that is woven in a Finnish micro-mill. The smooth fabric has a smooth shine to it. This accessory is a beautiful choice for a wedding, and a sustainable accessory that’ll bring joy long after the wedding day, too!

The hair accessories can be fitted to one of two barrettes as per the client’s wish. Type A barrette works best when hair is pulled back from both sides, whereas barrette B works better when hair is pulled to the side of the head on one side only. Barrette B also works beautifully when when placed on top of a bun. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to help!

Customised hair accessories: Like bow ties, the hair accessories can also be customised to the customer’s liking. At my studio I have a collection of different kinds of fabrics and I’ll gladly show pictures and give more information about them, so please be in touch — I’ll be glad to answer any questions and tell you more!


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