Design services

Design services

As a Textile Designer I’m always looking for new projects in order to explore the different possibilities that weaving, pattern design and product design contain. I offer design services for businesses looking for these types of designs and I gladly take on new projects throughout the year.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of my practise: whatever I may be designing, I always start with the client’s expectations in order to deliver a design that matches their wishes and needs. When working with me, deadlines are respected and communication is easy.

Below you can view some of my past projects that include both custom orders and personal projects. You can also view my Bachelor’s Thesis: a concept and product design project for woven fabrics.

Please be in touch and we’ll see if I might be the designer you’re looking for!

Product design and prototype development


Handwoven woollen blanket series


Industrially knitted woollen blanket


Crocheted pillowcases with a chunky texture


Handwoven two-faced shoulder bag

Autumn Breeze

Handwoven kimono- / hanten -style jacket

Blue Rose

Industrially woven cotton fabric

Illustrations, pattern design and photography

Wedding Invitations

Hand painted illustrations for a wedding invitation


Pattern sketches with ink, gouache and pen


Digital photography

Fabric design


Handspun wool woven into a thick wool fabric

Evening Lights

Handwoven wool fabric with an ikat pattern


Handwoven silk and cotton fabric


Handwoven silk and cotton fabric


Screen printed cotton fabric with a leaf motif


Handwoven cotton fabric ikat patterns


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